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more to come

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Something old and something new 3d art and drawn illustration



Two knifes




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Produced by Michael Blackburn. Seattle 2012 in After effects and Photoshop. All are hand drawn and computer colored copyright MB-2012

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New graphic novel illustration

I done more panels on my graphic novel and here they are. This was render in Maya 2011 and zbrush 4 with a little editing in photoshop. Rendering was with the Maya Render and Mental Ray. Enjoy and thank you. Just click on the image and the next one will come up. Send comments michaelb@localnet.com

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new work zbrush maya

Here is something I have been struggle with and I think I have finally got a handle on. Zbrush to Maya pipeline. This is my final character for my graphic novel.  One images was render in Zbrush. Another was texture/displacement mapped in Zbrush and render with Maya in Mental ray



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More work on graphics artist project for stuff

This is another 3d model for my up and coming first attempt at a graphic 3d novel I like the way the art is coming out. I also included some composite work I did with Vue 8.1 Zbrush and Maya 2009. I’m looking forward to creating more work. Thanks Mike B

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Michael blackburn 3d art Maya and Zbrush create August 2010

clown spaceship

clown spaceship two development by Michael Blackburn

Hi this is my latest 3d render for a graphic novel that I’m working on. This character (one of three) was developed in Maya and  Zbrush using Zsphere. The texture map was painted in Zbrush and rendered with Mental Ray. This is my first graphic novel (Stuff ‘r Us) and could become an animation. A lot of work is forth coming. Thanks for looking. Michael Blackburn.

clown spaceship head

Front of a spaceship by Michael Blackburn

I hope you like it and please leave some feed back. Thanks Mike B

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